“Good timing, we received the samples last week and have taken your prompt as a reminder to sit down and taste today.

“I have to admit, and it is rare this happens when someone sends us a sample out of the blue, but we really enjoyed the wine.  I was expecting richness, like we find in new world Vermentino but in fact the wine shows a minerality and saline quality that I was really impressed by.

“I make Picpoul in the South of France and the similarity was uncanny.”

From a London wine merchant, May 2019

“As passionate about oysters as any man”

"Steve Feletti's Moonlight Flat oysters, grown in the Clyde River estuary at Batemans Bay in southern New South Wales, are found in many of Australia's best restaurants, from Cutler & Co in Melbourne to The Boathouse on Blackwater Bay in Sydney. He's as passionate about oysters as any man. But Feletti's love of oysters has been eclipsed lately by his excitement over picpoul, the southern-French white grape said to produce the world's most oyster-friendly white wine."

Read the full article on Gourmet Traveller at this link.

Borrowed Cuttings Piquepoul Blanc and Moonlight Flat Oysters...

“...with a freshly shucked Moonlight Flat oyster,...it was an astonishing match”. - Max Allen, Australian Gourmet Traveller.

“...Borrowed Cuttings Piquepoul, an oyster’s best friend.....”. - Terry Durack,  Good Food review, Sydney Morning Herald.

“By the way we had more than one table this afternoon really praising your oysters, so much appreciated as always”

From leading chef…Sydney two hat restaurant
July 2018

"I tasted the wine at Monster Kitchen in Canberra. It was the nicest wine I've ever had. I think I'd like to order some next week. I'll be in touch then. Many thanks Steve"

September 2017

'The best oyster man in Australia is Steve Feletti from Moonlight Flat Oysters. He now makes Australia's best oyster wine, a piquepoul from Cowra. It'll be on pour soon at Bellota Wine Bar with his beautiful oysters. Do not miss this opportunity to taste one of the world's greatest food and wine matches.' 

Michael McNamara, Principal, Prince Wine Store, Melbourne

Hi team Just has a ripper 1/2 bottle of your piquepoul with some of your oysters at Bellota. I see it's sold out! Any chance of putting us on the contact list for next year's vintage?

Geoff Lindsay
Dandelion, Elwood, Victoria
Dec 2016

Pouring the last of the Borrowed Cuttings by the glass tonight. Selling it alongside your oysters is the easiest sell ever.

From one of the nation's leading chefs
Dec 2016

Without doubt yours are the best oysters, head and shoulders above the rest. Whenever I eat out I always ask for them by brand. I ate at Fred's (Paddington) this week and they were outstanding as usual.

Dec 2016

Thank you very much for making my wife's day yesterday. Every now and then we are lucky enough to enjoy a meal at the Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay and yesterday was one of those occasions. To our great delight this time was the first we were also lucky enough to enjoy our favourite wine pairing with great oysters. 

We travelled to the Languedoc region four years ago, had many an afternoon lunch of oysters and a beautiful white wine we had not heard of before, piquepoul. After a little research we became aware of what you guys were up to at Cowra and so our wait started for your product. We were both delighted to finally see the piquepoul available and to enjoy it with some of your fantastic Moonlight en Surface and Label Rouge oysters (we have previously had the Rusty Wire and Clair de Lune – an absolute favourite). Thank you again, we eagerly await our next trip to the Boathouse, some great oysters and of course that fantastic piquepoul.

Dec 2016


After three years in quarantine, then in a nursery for propagation, then being grafted onto existing verdelho vines, those first few piquepoul cuttings finally bore their first proper crop - just a few hundred kilos - earlier this year, and were made into a crisp, dry, white wine at Windowrie. Feletti, needless to say, can barely contain his joy, and it's not hard to see why. I tried a sample just before it was bottled in late July, with a freshly shucked Moonlight Flat oyster, and it was an astonishing match - as well as having delicate lemon acidity, the piquepoul variety also has a fair amount of richness and texture that lingers as a satisfying grape-pulpy flavour after you've swallowed the oyster.' 

Max Allen, Australian Gourmet Traveller.

Steve landline snap.png

Borrowed Cuttings Piquepoul Blanc and Moonlight Flat Oysters featured in a segment on the ABC's Landline program on Sunday 1 October 2017. The program told the story of our oyster business, our discovery of piquepoul blanc and how we introduced cuttings into Australia which have yielded our first spectacular vintages of Borrowed Cuttings Piquepoul Blanc.

Steve by Peta Doherty.jpg

"Cowra oyster grower cultivates an unexpected 'sensory thunderbolt' French wine match"
ABC journalist Peta Doherty interviewed Steve Feletti on ABC Radio's The Country Hour, broadcast 7 February 2017.

To read the full story go the the ABC website at this link.